Reshipping Policy

1.      We guarantee one time 100% resend or refund only for packages which aren't received but shipped via registered mail (tracking/signature/priority) or because of confiscation, under conditions: Scanned copy of seizure letter is required. (Packs were seized) OR 45 days  have passed since date of shipment. (Considering packs were lost) we will need a new 100% clean/secure shipping address, unrelated to previous addressee.

2.      We offer one time 100% resend of ordered products damaged/destroyed in transport under condition - we will need you to email us pictures of damaged products/packaging. (original condition , right after arrival)

3.      Now we offer Resend for regular airmail shipments. We may only reship upon seeing a seizure letter.

4.      We don't offer Resend ( Except for broken ) for shipments to Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, North Korea, South Korea, Philippines, Swaziland, We may only reship upon seeing a seizure letter.